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European real estate business strategies? is a new real estate platform aimed at helping real estate agents and individuals to buy real estate properties in Europe. We will also talk about some real estate market advices mixed with some analysis of 2019-2020 real estate market trends in Europe.

Now the new year has arrived it is time to prepare 2020 and to know what will be the trends during this year. The first tip we are now sharing refers to the ULI / PWC Annual reports. According to this report, in Europe, the secure long-term income is driving current European real estate investment. This happens while the industry hedges against potential interest rate rises, and we face an uncertain geopolitical backdrop. The increase of the interest rate won’t be a risk during 2020, although real estate professionals should be aware that it might change if there is a geopolitical shock to the monetary system. You should also might keep an eye on the relationship between the demand and available assets. Money will continue to arrive, and there is a strong belief that during 2020, the Asian investment will increase.

Why are real estate investors still flocking to Europe? Just a few years ago, everyone was predicting the end of Europe, especially the end of continental Europe. But we have still seen ever-increasing property prices as investors flock to the markets; Berlin, Lisbon, Dublin, Rotterdam, and Zagreb are among the European cities experiencing high levels of growth. Real estate markets in Europe, however, whether commercial or residential, are actually very expensive. Considering that crises are high and property assets are trading at incredibly low property yields; this makes the underlying value of properties very high. So how is it possible that a continent experiencing modest economic growth with a still-low inflation – though improving, albeit slowly – continues to attract global investors? The answer is simple: it’s all linked to the monetary policy of the European Central Bank (ECB), and it has nothing to do with real estate. The ECB has a loose monetary policy of keeping interest rates artificially low; on 25 July 2019, it decided to keep them unchanged at 0.00%, 0.25% and -0.40% for as long as necessary. Investors, therefore, don’t see any other possibility than investing in real estate. Buying stocks can be too risky as they are volatile, and bonds are expensive considering yields are still hovering around very low levels. Read more details Buy Real Estate in Europe.

Now let’s talk about a few real estate advices for sellers: Book a photographer! A photographer can provide you with a great selection of high-quality photos; just make sure the one you pick shares your vision. The devil is in the details, so make sure all lights and televisions are on, and all wires are hidden. People are much more likely to buy a house when it looks absolutely perfect. Use the MLS wisely: MLSs are invaluable to the selling process. People often search for specific criteria (e.g. parking), so be honest and extremely thorough because people will call you out on misrepresentations. Take time to upload beautiful photos, and keep in mind that listings with over six pictures are viewed twice as often as those with less. Also be sure to respond instantly whenever you can.

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