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Video brochure manufacturer company? Here are some great suggestions from the company owner who saw great success with them: don’t get caught in what is included in the video or how to generate it. Rely on research and m&m Tech Video brochure experience to help create video brochure that have the best impact on recipients. Fifth, people feel that companies that use video know how to connect with them better. Remember, after purchase, you only need to use any Mac or PC to change the video content. They generate a huge return on investment and are worth every penny spent to get them, if done correctly.

Video mailers you can call it video book, video booklet or video direct mail, which delivers a powerful multi-sensory experience. The tactile engagement of print, with the compelling motion and sound of video is a marketing force multiplier. Consider that 80-90% of direct mail gets opened and 64% of consumers are more likely to buy a product online, after viewing video content. That’s a formula for success. Video mailers make your brand stand out from the pack with Direct Mail solutions featuring Video Mailers. Our custom-designed solutions will have your customers engaged with your product or solution using our beautifully crafted and expertly created video direct mail. Video Mailers will turn your next direct mail campaign into a success.

If you’re looking to deliver an unforgettable pitch that will win-over your audience and leave a lasting impression, a video brochure is a must-have. Our success is built upon the foundation of delivering the highest quality video brochure products and providing our clients with the very best levels of customer service. Video brochures are at the core of what we do and as a result this has allowed us to concentrate all of our attention to design, technology and support. Over the last 10 years this has lead us to become experts in this space. Read more info on video business card.

Video business card is a 2.4? video screen in a very small 4.2? by 2.2? format, a little bigger than a standard business card. It can also include an inside pocket to hold an actual business card. It stand out because the receiver instantly recognizes they have been given a valuable item, that your message is important to you, and that they are important to you also. A video business card disrupts the pattern of accepting and dropping into a bag whatever paper item is handed out. Take premier brand delivery to the ultimate level and maximise your VIP customer relationships with video business cards. Showcase your products and the emotional value they deliver with the video delivered inside the most luxurious and immediately effective collateral.

Our Mission: To be #1 video brochure manufacturer in China, To be a company with strong, sense of social, responsibility and be respected by people. Our confidence due to the strict quality control for video brochure cards, we print at least 20% extra cards, so as to keep the dents, scratches to a bare minimum, so that every single product that is shipped meets the highest standard. Every clectronic components must be tested before assemblying, To make sure the good quality, all components of video business card is put into aging room over 4 hours for double testing. See additional info at