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Best rated expandable container houses supplier? Expandable container house features with the expandable installation. One house can be installed by the crane with five steps. There are two different designs for the expandable container house: type A inside empty(30m2), type B with two bedrooms,one toilet,one kitchen and one living room(33.6m2). This container house is very convenient for transportation, moving by truck. It can be assembled and disassembled for more than 20 times. So the expandable container house is popularly used in Military camp and field. Also check luxury expandable container house following. Find additional details at

This kind of houses are widely used in construction sites, disaster areas and labor camps.

The steel structure shed is widely used for the cowshed, pig shed, horse shed and chicken shed. Normally the height of this shed ranges from 3m to 6m with the lighting tiles and ventilation balls. The design is customized by your requirements. Strong H section steel is used for the columns and beam while the single steel sheet or waterproof EPS sandwich panel or fireproof IEPS sandwich panel is used for the wall and roof. This steel structure shed is made of environment-friendly materials with more than 20 years of serving time. The best solution for the farm house.

A multi-story office building composed of multiple Flat Pack Container House units. According to the client needs, the main functional areas that can be customized include halls, conference rooms, equipment rooms, tasting rooms, restaurants, kitchens, standard dormitories, bathrooms, terraces, etc., which can meet the needs of employees in the base. And the needs of life. The modular building uses modules of different sizes for combination and stacking, which not only enriches the layering of the facade but also uses the protruding part of the long box to create different spaces, with good ventilation and lighting and strong typhoon resistance. The exterior wall can be in different colors, matched with glass doors and windows so that the original monotonous modules are no longer dull.

Structure: Modularized; All the steel structures are galvanized & baked-painted, paint surface is not easy to fall off, normally can use for more than 50 years. Why so fast to install? Come with completed roof & floor, because flat pack container house all the parts of the roof and floor are produced and assembled in the factory, there is no need to reassemble the parts of the roof and floor slowly at the site. This saves install time and greatly improves the waterproof performance. Read more details on