Jarábik Barbara discussing about culture and technology synergy in 2022


Barbara Jarabik considerations on culture and technology synergy today : As read in Implications of Changing Cultural Values by Eldon E. Snyder. It says that sociocultural values don’t only represent ideals and goals that people in a society strive to achieve. But it also selects the means that are used to achieve these goals and ideals. In addition, it is stated that “from the standpoint of society, cultural values function as ideals that orient the activities within and between social institutions. Thus, to properly understand the functioning of the family, or political, religious, economic, and educational institutions within society requires an analysis of sociocultural values.”

Barbara Jarabik

Technology plays a crucial role to strengthen interpersonal connection. It has contributed in the sector of health, transportation, electricity, etc. to all the demographic factors of society eg: Modern farming replaced primitive farming allowing increased crops, less time investment, etc. Technology should be oriented towards positive social change. Hence, technology should be developed to design digital ways to connect us not only to each other but to promote our values, to respect each other, and to encourage innovation as we develop a place for ourselves in the 21st century.

Most of these technologies come in a structural way of mapping the world or in other words, the logics like a parent-child relationship, we can observe this in any of the databases, programs or knowledge management systems. Now, since we can see that there are around 6 billion people who use this kind of a technology of mobile phones with very diverse perspectives. We have to collectively rethink the underlying codes that run the technology (Ash, 2013), so we can observe that it is not only technology that shapes culture, but culture also shapes technology.

Most people probably would picture computers and cell phones when the subject of technology comes to their minds. However, technology is a product of the modern era and a tool created from specific knowledge that serves a particular function Technological influence has been a part of life since the advent of human species, like languages, rituals, art, etc. For instance, fire and stone tools were important forms of technology developed during the Stone Age. The creation of stone tools strongly impacted the way pre-modern humans lived, and the development of their hunting skills. Just like how modern technology and social media influencing human behaviours, and shaping the way we live today. Discover even more information at Jarábik Barbara.

In other scenarios it can be a concept. The earth used to be flat in the mediaeval times, for one culture (Russell, 2007) and the earth used to be round revolving around the sun in other and the earth used to be round with some revolving around the earth in some other culture (Diakidoy, 2001). There used to be a boundary of communication, but today some of the common technologies like communication has got deeply integrated with most of the cultures and this gives a chance for us to share our ideas and thoughts that have been prevailing for centuries. This could add to a concept which I developed which gives importance to a collective conscious C (Abraham, 2014), but here I would call it cultural integration and collaboration by using technology.